Select Income Bond Fund (TBNTX)

Tortoise Select Income Bond Fund's objective is to seek to achieve a high level of total return with an emphasis on current income. The investment process, with roots back to 1984, has been refined over many economic and financial cycles and is managed by a deep, highly experienced team.

Investment philosophy

We believe that the global, macroeconomic environment is the primary driver of returns within the fixed income marketplace, and that understanding the trends within this environment provides us with what we believe to be the best opportunities to add value. Our disciplined approach utilizes a top-down, sector and industry rotation investment style that is integrated with independent, bottom-up fundamental, technical and valuation analysis for issuer and security selection.

We focus on diversification and risk management over all aspects of the investment process. Portfolios are positioned by taking a 6 to 12 month view of the economic and market cycle. Our size and focus on liquid securities helps us rotate sector weightings in a timely manner with minimal transaction costs. 

Fund Details As of 9/30/2018

Total assets $1.5 million
Investment objective Total return and current income
Fiscal year end September 30
Structure Regulated investment company (RIC)


TBNTX Details

As of 11/09/2018

Investor Class

  • NAV
  • $ 9.63
  • $ Chg
  • $ 0.01
  • Inception Date
  • 12/28/2016
  • Objective
  • Total return and current income
  • Benchmark
  • Bloomberg Barclays
    U.S. Aggregate
  • Ticker
  • Cusip
  • 56167N811
  • Minimum investment
  • $2,500
  • Redemption fee
  • None
  • Max front-end sales load1
  • 3.75%
  • Max deferred sales load2
  • None
  • Management fee
  • 45 bps

  1. You may qualify for sales charge discounts if you invest at least $100,000.
  2. No front-end sales charge is payable on Investor Class investments of $1 million or more, although the fund may impose a Contingent Deferred Sales Charge (“CDSC”) of 1% on certain redemptions made within 12 months of purchase.